Our Expertise

Software Development

Rajarshi Infoways is “Your gateway to information superhighway”. We provide custom desktop applications or web applications for the Internet or your own private intranet. Our staff will assist you in working through developing everything from the project specifications, design, development and testing.

Website Development

In today’s digital world, website is a basic need for a business. Be it a small restaurant or a big enterprise. If you don’t have a website of your, you are living in a prehistoric age.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

In today’s world of automation ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) is the most needed system for any small or a big business. If you are a small chain of clothing store or you are a giant industrial enterprise, you will need an ERP.
With our ERP you will be able to manage and optimize your business. You will be able to create a centralized solution for your need. You don’t have to check manually or ask your employees from different departments to give you the data. You will be able to have every data on your hand, at your fingertips with our ERP.

CRM(Customer Relationship Management)

It is said that one satisfied customer will send five new customers, but one dissatisfied customer will block ten new customers.
Without a proper CRM(Customer Relationship Management) you will not be able to look into the mind of your customer. Our CRM will help you in understanding the need and requirements of your prospective clients. You will have a complete data about your customers when ever you will need.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines are a basic need for today’s business and having a strong search engine optimization is essential for any business to thrive in today’s competitive world. People use search engines for the smallest thing they want. So if you think that your search engine optimization needs a touch up you are at the right place.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s competitive world no matter how good your company is, a strong social presence is must required. We are very good at making your social presence strong. we have a good team of designers whose only goal is to increase your social presence and make people know you. Make people recognize you and your potential.